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This is a simulation of the first nonprofit e-commerce website. Read more about PEOPLink here.
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Dan Salcedo in GuatemalaPEOPLink is was a non-profit organization helping talented producers in remote communities all over the world market their products on the Internet. We are building a global network of Trading Partners (TPs) that, in turn, provide services to several community-based artisan producer groups.

Briefly, PEOPLink equips the TPs with digital cameras and trains them to capture images and edit them in a compressed format suitable for transmission via the Internet. We then place images of the crafts on the PEOPLink Web page and promote them to retail and wholesale buyers in the industrialized countries. This same Web page contains ample educational materials, sent to us electronically by the TPs, about the work and lives of the artisans. We also help them build and maintain their own Web catalogs and provide on-line training and product development support. This is direct, people-to-people development!

The cover of the 1992 United Nations Human Development Report shows a graph in which the richest 20% of the world's population receives 82.7% of the global income while the poorest 60% receives only 5.6%. Yet the same U.N. document opens with the following statement: "The world has a unique opportunity in the current decade to use global markets for the benefit of all nations and people... Markets are the means. Human development is the end."

PEOPLink is an international development agency empowering poor producers to use the Internet to maximize the benefit of world trade.

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