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Testimonials from PEOPLink Customers
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This is a simulation of the first nonprofit e-commerce website. Read more about PEOPLink here.
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PEOPLink enjoys hearing from its customers. Here's what some of you are saying:

Congratulations on the best web page I have seen in months!! And what a terrific idea. My check is in the mail!
My wife told me about your site. She saw it on one of the Washington DC local news shows, either Channel 7 or 9. You have a lot of nice things, excellent prices, and you give me the feeling I'm helping someone poor. Win, win, win! Thanks!
I received my order on Friday after a horrendous work day, and it was my best Christmas gift yet ! THANK YOU! I really got a kick out of the on-line shopping experience. I found the site very informative, easy to follow and fun. I'm sure I will be visiting it again and passing the word on as well. THANKS AGAIN !!
I like your concept. I'm especially interested in Mexico, especially the Aztec populations in the South near Mexico City. Please continue all good work you do for our world's underprivileged opportunities to develop talents, explore the world at least electronically, and learn to make and manage modest amounts of capital, at least. But all this without undermining the social structure which provides identity, direction, community, family, and spiritual sustenance.
I ordered several items on Thursday. They arrived at my door on Monday! All in great shape and examples of beautiful workmanship. The Web site is incredibly well-organized and easy to use.
The Guatemala birds I ordered flew in today! They are beautiful. Each one of five grandchildren knows that we have visited Guatemala, and they will all know that their cousins also have a Guatemala bird. Why did I order so many when I have only five grandchildren? The ones I keep will join a gorgeous Costa Rican bird that flies from my ceiling to make a bird mobile, but everyone will know that the birds that live with each grandchild are still part of the main flock. Thanks for your promptness.
I was surfing the Web when I found your site before Christmas. I was very impressed with the approach and the press from the UN. What a great idea. I'm spreading the word.
I came across your site after doing a Web search... for what I'm not sure. It could have had something to do with Guatemala, a place I have visited in the past year and for which I have a continuing interest. I ordered some Guatemalan Christmas stockings for my kids in December of last year, and I was very pleased with them, so I bookmarked your site to check in from time to time. I think using the Internet to market items from self-help groups is a great combination, and I wish you all continued success.
Received your merchandise as a Christmas gift. Liked so much, I ordered more.
I found it via the Oxfam web site. What made me really happy once I found your site, though, was the simple, easy-to-use design. Very nicely done from start to finish.
I purchased a hat from Pueblo to People about 10 years ago. I have worn it on a regular basis while farming, fishing, hiking, camping and while on roofs working on air conditioning units (my regular job). I wear my hat in all types of weather, hot or cold, wet or dry. I have received numerous compliments and I am always proud to say it is a hand-made palm leaf hat from Guatemala. My friends from T&D; Wiley Farms that grow certified organic vegetables now in Madera California first told me about Pueblo to People. The hat is nearly indestructible but is showing some wear. I decided it was time to get a new one. I searched the web for Pueblo to People, when I found a jump to 'Pueblo to People' within an article the browser was unable to find the sight. Your site came up as one of the results of the Pueblo to People search. Thank you for your services and thank the hat makers for the best hat I have ever owned.
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